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The most sought after fish in Homer, Alaska is the Pacific Halibut. New fishing regulations allow each customer to keep two halibut, one being any size and the other being under 29 inches.




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The second most popular fish in Homer, Alaska is the King Salmon. You can usually find the kings all summer long and the Silver Salmon in mid to late August. The limits on King Salmon are 1 to 2 per angler depending on location of fishing. Anglers are also allowed 3 Silvers.



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Jigging for Rockfish can be a blast, especially when you are right on top of them. There are many species of palagic and non-pelagic Rockfish near Homer. The most abundant pelagic Rockfish is Black Rockfish (Black Bass), while the most prized non-pelagic is the Yellow-Eye Rockfish.



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Some of the most challenging fishing we do is chasing after the Lingcod. Using 16 to 24 ounce jigs in rocky structures ranging from 60 feet to 200 feet can get tiring. When it pays off, it can be fun. The lingcod fishery in the Homer area has diminished in the past 5 years. We are having to travel 60 nm or more to find lingcod. While the regulations allow for 2 lingcod per person, Captain Bryan (along with many of the other captains) have implemented a one lingcod per person rule.



Other Species

Some other species that we have in the area include Pacific Grey Cod, Greenling, Dolly Varden, and the elusive Salmon Shark. The Salmon Shark is a rare site and even rarer catch.