40lb King Salmon

King Salmon Fishing

There are two types of King Salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, that swim in our waters near Homer. “Feeder” Kings and “Spawner” Kings. “Feeder” Kings live and feed in our waters year round. They will eventually, at age 4-7 return to the rivers where they hatched such as Canada, Washington and Oregon. The "Spawner" Kings are headed to local rivers from Kodiak to Anchorage and come in two waves over the Summer. One in May and June and the other in July and August.

These two types make our area rich with King Salmon. The King Salmon we catch are often between 7 and 16lbs. Sometimes they can be 20lbs. Occasionally we catch the big ones that are 30-50lbs.

Our boats are equipped with downrigger fishing systems that can optimize your chances of catching salmon. While King Salmon are some of the most fun and prized fish of the ocean, they can be the most elusive as well. Our captains are on the water everyday, so they have good knowledge of their whereabouts. However, it is not uncommon for the King Salmon to disappear for several days at a time. During those times, if you are signed up for a Salmon Combo, we often will substitute Rockfish for Salmon. Our captains will make that call usually while fishing.

Silver Salmon Fishing

"Silvers", also known as Coho, will make their run through our area between mid July to late August. They are feisty feeders and nothing can be more fun then getting in a school of silvers. They average between 8 and 15lbs.

Often while trolling for Kings, we will come across Silvers and vice versus. They are notoriously aggressive eaters and the condition of our artificial lures after a strike show the ferocity.

Salmon Regulations

King Salmon

- 2 King Salmon Daily Bag Limit
- 5 King Salmon Annual Limit

Silver Salmon

- 3 Silver Salmon Daily Bag Limit
- No Annual Limit

Salmon Fishing Homer