Black Rockfish

Rockfish Fishing

There are over 30 species of rockfish in the Pacific Northwest. The most common and often caught is the Black rockfish, also known at black bass, because they are shaped like a freshwater bass. That is where it ends, because they are very spiny and their scales are very hard. The sharp spines will cause pain and irritation in the skin. Best to have the deckhand deal with these fish.

Yellow Eye Rockfish are also caught in our area. These look like giant goldfish and have beautiful yellow eye, hence the name. Black Rockfish are usually caught in depths of 40ft to 100ft. While Yellow eye are caught 100ft and deeper.

The average black rockfish we catch is between 5-8lbs. and the average yelloweye is between 10-15lbs.

The age of rockfish will astound you. The typical age of black rockfish caught is between 7 and 30 years old. The typical age of the Yelloweye caught is 15 to 75 years old!!

Rockfish Regulations

- 5 Total Rockfish Daily Bag Limit
- Only one of the daily bag limit can be a non pelagic
- Only one of the daily bag limit can be Yelloweye Rockfish

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