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Fishing in Homer, Alaska

Homer, Alaska is known as the Halibut Capital of the World, and for good reason. Our close proximity to the Gulf of Alaska and Cook Inlet, make this area a popular area for many different sizes of halibut. Larger females use our bait filled waters for feeding in the summer time, as well as the young halibut thrive as they feed and grow in our nutrient rich waters.

Many different species of fish thrive here as well. King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rockfish and Lingcod all make their home here. We can and do fish for all of them, not just the halibut.

Because we are so close to many different species, join us for one of our most popular combination trips: Halibut/Salmon or Halibut/Rockfish. We will usually travel to areas that can accommodate both species. You get most bang for your buck on trips like this.

We understand that not all charters are created equal. If we are booked the day you want to fish, we will send you to someone who fishes with same kind of quality professionalism.

Some people come to Alaska to find the trophy halibut, others want to fill their freezer with fish for the winter, while others want to experience fishing for the first time. Just to let you know we accommodate all kinds. We are family and child friendly. So, don’t hesitate to bring kids as these are the experiences that will live with them forever.

When fishing with us you will travel 1hr to 2.5hrs to the fishing grounds. We see a lot beautiful scenery on the way. Including whales and even sometimes bears on the beach. We get to see whales on many of our trips, so you will want to keep your eyes peeled for water spouts.

We can’t guarantee that everyone is going to go home with a “barn door” or even a limit of fish, but we can assure you that our captains and deckhands will work hard to put you on the fish and make your fishing experience the best they can.

Weather & Tides play the biggest factor in your fishing experience and they are the things we have the least control of.

Bella with Halibut