Captain Bryan

Captain Bryan builds boats at Bay Weld Boats in the winter.

Captain Bryan with his beautiful wife Keri-Ann, and three children, Regan, Reilly Sue and Rusty. Oh yes, and their dog, Scout!

Captain Bryan is a Master Marine Technician certified through the American Boat & Yacht Council.

Captain Bryan Baker grew up on the water and has always had a passion for the sea, whether it be fishing, diving, surfing, or just lounging. In 2012, he decided to make a change and pursue a career in fishing. After completing the Professional Mariner Training at Chapman School of Seamanship, He and his family picked up, moved to Homer, Alaska and have since found the community and lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

In just his second year charter fishing, he purchased the Outer Coast to start my own charter business and had a very successful inaugural year. Bryan’s success came from the advice and help given to me by other charter captains and the fishing community. He has since been elected to the Board of Directors of the Alaska Charter Association and the Homer Charter Association

In the winters, he feeds his other passion by building boats for Bayweld Boats. Prior to becoming a licensed captain, Bryan completed the Marine Engineering Management program at Broward College. There, he became a certified Master Marine Technician with the American Yacht and Boat Council (ABYC).

Bryan is married to Keri-Ann, who is an attorney and wonderful mother. He is also father to Regan, Reilly Sue, and Rusty. They keep him super busy when he is not fishing.